40+ Women

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

While Botox, creams and face lifts can stall time, you can't ignore the sagging truth - so why not embrace it? These days models in advertising campaigns aren't always young and slim but real beauties... being celebrated for their loveliness and their age. Marketing Manager of Dove, Candice Fernandez says the huge success of their 'Real Beauty' campaign launched last March, shows Australian women prefer reality.

With every wrinkle, line and crease and no airbrush in sight, these everyday women are announcing their age loud and proud. "People think I'm 105 because I've been in the industry so long - I'm not that old really!" At 40 something, homegrown Aussie beauty Rhonda Birchmore shows up most 20 year olds... her endless energy on stage - proof there is no age barrier to being a sex symbol. "There's a kind of thing that if you sing and dance and act so there's a oh she's hit 40... but mind you Nicole, Kylie, Elle - they're all hitting forty and I'm feeling very good about it all" adds Rhonda.

"Now people are taking a shift back to older women looking at real beauty and inner beauty and that women are ageing gracefully and looking gorgeous as they get older." New Woman Magazine has also followed suit. Editor, Donna Armstrong says that the trend is only going to continue as people veer away from a Hollywood youth obsession. "I think this generation, we are finally moving on to seeing real women again as beautiful women and not being so caught up in the Lindsay Lohan's and the Paris Hiltons."

But it was Hollywood that started it all. The shapely beauties from Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives proving mid-life definitely has its perks..... and the concept in advertising, not as new as we think. Sophia Loren was one of the first women to age gracefully for a commercial ... snapped in a LUX soap Campaign in 1981. Then there are these classic lovelies... who have made it fashionable to somehow look younger each year.

Jane Fonda, the controversial sex kitten, defied gravity with L'Oreal. While Halle Barry and Julianne Moore's flawless skin are the faces of Revlon. And who can forget the European screen icon, Isabella Rossellini's release of her Manifesto Fragrance. But for those of you who think you can show these stars up, Dove is looking for their next real face to star in this year's campaign.

Well if Hollywood can accept wrinkles- maybe we can too?

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