Weightloss Kids

Reporter: Gavin Alder

In a country where childhood obesity has become a major health crisis, two teenagers could be the poster boys for reversing the trend. At 93 kilos cricket loving Tanny Lashansky was turning easy twos into hurried singles. Like tens of thousands of teenagers across the country, the 14 year old's overeating supersized him, so six months ago he decided enough was enough -- and lost 37 kilos. Now he wants other teenagers to learn from his experience.

Six months ago Alfio Cristaldi was 116 kilos. He was outwardly the always jolly fat kid, but inwardly it was a different story. Just before Christmas last year, Alfie told his mum Kym he was worried he was eating himself to death. Alfio is just as keen to share his weightloss story. "I want everyone to know and I want to inspire other people, help other people. I just want them to know it's not rocket science and anyone can do it", he said.

So how did they do it? Well there are no tricks or gimmicks -- just a healthy dose of common sense. "Basically I watched how many calories I ate", he said. And Tanny has worked hard -- running most days and at the gym twice a week. Alfio's recipe for success is even easier. "You eat healthy and you exercise and you will lose weight", he said. "I didn't even go to a gym. I walked it -- I just walked and walked and walked", he said.

The approach these boys took would put a lot of adults to shame. "As long as you believe what you're doing, start setting small goals and reaching the small goals. It will come and eventually you'll lose a lot of weight", Tanny said. "And I'm never going back to the old me ever, ever", said Alfio.