Welfare Millionaire

Reporter: Rebecca Bergh

This is Tracy Harvey's new life..she's gone from welfare to millionaire...a lifestyle supported by welfare aA divorced mother of two..unskilled..and on a single parents pension..but once down and out..and almost homeless. Tracy turned her life around..and is now the proud owner of 10 homes.."Are you a millionaire? Yes I am and I guess I'm proud to say that given where I've come from." At her lowest point Tracy says she had no money, no self esteem, and no future..her situation sounds all too familiar to Geoff roberts..from oz care. Geoff Roberts has spent 20 years looking after the down and out..

And says breaking the cycle isn't something that happens that often. Tracy did..and says taking the first step was the hardest.

"I woke up one day, and I realised I'd been carrying a huge chip on my shoulder, I'd been blaming everybody, everything..society, the people around me, my family in essence I knew the only person who was going to turn this around was me." Tracy read everything she could about investing and real estate...and after being rejected time and time again by the major banks..was finally given a loan for her first property.

"the very first place I bought was a very very rundown place, it had holes in it, it was totally dilapidated and it had been on the market for two years and I scored that unit for $64,000, in mooloolaba and I guess that was the beginning of where it all started" Tracy put herself through tafe and university..

Graduating as a social worker.. And now Tracy owns 10 properties..six in cairns....two on the sunshine coast... And two in brisbane..and she wants to help others break the welfare cycle..

Writing and self publishing her story as a sort of "how to guide" "goodbye welfare" teaches others how to go from welfare payments to financial independence..like she did.

"Goodbye Welfare" written by Tracy Lee Harvey

Available for $19.95

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