Cheap Land

Around the country, towns are digging deep ...60% of them face extinction...its revive or die and they're offering up big incentives in the name of survival. The latest Town to offer these incentives is Wudinna - 600km west of Adelaide where for a mere $1.10 you can pick up a block of land worth around $20 000 each. Everyone likes a bargain, and there's only one catch, the new owners must build a house within 12 months.

Real Estate Guru, Rob Druitt says its populate or perish and towns like Wudinna are pulling out all the stops.The benefit for the town is they get people to their town, new people, new skills and the benefit to the people buying a block is they get a bargain.

But Wudinna's not the first Council getting creative, Jandowie in Queensland escaped certain death by selling off blocks of their land for the hefty price of $1. In 3 years Jandowie has recorded an increase of some twenty five percent and is arguably the fastest growing area in Australia... and the boom is showing no signs of slowing. The land giveaway continued in the town of Avoca in western Victoria. To combat its dying economy it held a raffle... the cost of a ticket? Show an interest in moving there. The prize? A brand new block of land. The town then embarked on its own job drive - offering 100 jobs in full page ads in Melbourne newspapers to attract workers.

Then there's the town of Roseberry in Tasmania where locals gave away land rather than pay rates. Ballarat in Victoria lured new businesses to its historic landscape with a feast of business incentives such as up to three months free advertising in the local newspaper. For residents, they had access to health and fitness services. In one instance the council offered up to $2000 dollars off the purchase price of blocks of land.

Money talks and the workers are walking... head long into the gold rush that is the mining boom in the North and West. The Queensland mining towns of Emerald, Blackwater, Moura, Mackay and Gladstone and Perth mining towns like Leinster, Karratha, Port Headland and Paraburdoo are offering huge pay increases for workers to locate to remote areas of the state. Free accommodation and meals as well as free flights home are just some of the carrots big business are dangling.

To enquire about positions vacant in Pilbara region contact Karratha Job Futures at: or freecall: 1800 269 562

There are 3 blocks of land available at Wudinna at a cost of $1.10 inc. gst.

Application forms which set out the terms of arrangement for a block are available from the District Council Office, Burton Terrace, PO Box 6, Wudinna SA 5652, by phoning 8680 2002 or faxing

8680 2296

Applications must be received by 5pm on Friday, March 16 th.

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