Sunless Tanning

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

Its the latest fashion accessory adorning the red carpets and cat walks frequented by the rich and famous -- its not Prada nor is it Versace. Ladies and gentlemen, all hail the return of the tan! Years ago, before we faked it, we baked it, roasting our way to ruin and the tan forced into hiding. The trend went beyond the pale, the 'Nicole look' was in as the dangers of sun baking became all too apparent.

So, now its all about the golden glow and there's a whole range of products promising a bronzed body in a bottle -- creams, foams and gels promising a natural looking tan in minutes, without the harmful rays. We asked Emily Taylor, Beauty Editor for Marie Claire magazine for her tips on what's hot in self tanning this summer. “Dark brown isn't as popular as it once was. We're moving towards a more golden glow rather than a brown or a orange look. It's actually a lot more natural and it's great for fair skinned girls who never thought they could never have a tan”, she said.

Emily advises pre and post tanning are just as important --exfoliating and moisturizing to enhance the results -- but more and more, self tanners are turning to a combo of tan and moisturizer. “It's a new trend that we're seeing coming through. It's the body moisturizer with a hint of self tan, so it's just got a hint of the active ingredient so you build a tan -- not over night but maybe over a week or a few days”, Emily said.

So what is the best for a natural DIY bronzing?

Marie Claire suggest

* Neutrogena's Micro Mist

* Lancome Flash Bronzer Airbrush

* Johnson's Holiday Skin Body Lotion

* Estee Lauder Sun Performance

* Clinique Quick Bronze Mousse, as their pick of the current crop.

Dermatologist Dr. Stephen Schmack warns that while they're safe, sunless tanning might give a false sense of security against the sun. “The only real issue with them is you have an artificial tan on, there's no increase protection against sun exposure. You must use a sun screen”, he said.