The Great Bush Giveaways

Reporter: Bryan Seymour

The incentives include free land, no rates, big wages, massive discounts and easy living. As far as the bush is concerned there's no argument, you should just pack up and move.

Around the country, towns are digging deep 60 per cent of them face extinction it's revive or die.
Money talks and the workers are walking head long into the gold rush that is the mining boom in the North and West.

The Queensland mining towns of Emerald, Blackwater, Moura, Mackay and Gladstone and Perth mining towns like Leinster, Karatha, Port Headland and Paraburdoo are offering huge pay increases for skilled and unskilled workers to locate to remote areas of the state.Free accommodation and meals as well as free flights home are just some of the carrots businesses are dangling.

Forklift drivers, truckies and farm hands are being offered wages of up to $100 000 per year, while riggers and scaffolders are earning up to $40 an hour compared with the $16 an hour they earn in the cities.

Electrical engineers are being offered $160 000 a year, $60 000 more than their counterparts in the cities and if you're a project managers, offers are being made of $190 000 a year, $50 000 more than the city boys plus a four-bedroom house on the water, and fully maintained vehicle. That's a very large carrot indeed.

When the Queensland town of Jandowie found itself on the brink of extinction it came up with a novel idea to repopulate this once thriving hamlet, offer up blocks of land for the heavily discounted price of one dollar. In three years Jandowie recorded an increase of some 25 per cent and is arguably the fastest growing area in Australia, and the boom is showing no signs of slowing.

There are a number of country towns throughout Australia who are involved in either land giveaways or job drives. Avoca in Western Victoria claims to still have 100 jobs going and are raffling off land to interested parties. And the motor industry in Adelaide is scouring for skilled workes to return from the eastern states.