Telethon Dancing

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Tony Mac says “we're practicing as much as we can...and God only knows, we need the practice.." They're Perth's movers and shakersand we're 'not' talking about their day jobs, the face might be familiar...but what about the fancy footwork?

“it's enormously mentally demanding, and physically demanding, I'm finding it one of the hardest things I've ever done” Could this be the State's top copper, Commissioner Carl O'Callaghan in disguise? Someone call the cops...he's stolen John Travolta's moves, “are they illegal? I don't know but it's every man for himself in here”

What about the legs belonging to this cheeky cha cha cha? Used to kicking under water, Olympic swimmer Jennifer Riley's giving it a red hot go on the dance floor.“I've dived straight in, and I'm sinking to the bottom, it's so hard to get used to yeah” Turning up the heat with a radio 6PR's Tony Mac, “I'm actually enjoying it....I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would” The Perthonalities are in full swing...rehearsing for WA's very own Dancing with the Stars.

“this is the hottest event of the year” With their sexy moves, and more stunts than circ d soile, Danza Passion's Julie D'Camillo promises, it's going to a showstopper. “There's lots if tricks this year, they've asked can we do tricks and lifts and things...and I said you sure can”

With last year's inaugural dance-off a sell out success, this year's perthonalities, partnered with professional dancers, can't wait to strut their stuff. Julie D'Camillo says “I think it's just wonderful, these people, they're very busy people, professional people, and to do this, help us raise money for Telethon and some of our dancers, it's just great” Now, not to toot my own tiara....but it would be remiss of me not to declare my last year's dancing queen, I'll be this year's judge dread. Alongside fellow finalist Howard 'twinkle toes' Sattler.

Tony Mac says “hello Howard, we love you...don't we Lis...apparently flattery does get you everywhere with the judges this year....oh too beautiful to judge, oh she's good” Team, Tony Mac plan to woo the judges, with a waltz...”technically very difficult. So for judging purposes, keep that in mind” and the stakes are high. With on-air partner, Millsy, last year's crowd pleaser, Tony Mac's got big shoes to fill. “Millsy's did such a sensational job last year you reckon he hasn't put the pressure on us?”

Finding shoes to fit Wildcat's Captain Tony Ronaldston was a feat in itself...finding a 'partner' to fit was even tougher, Tony says “I think they did it intentionally just so everyone world laugh at us....” There's nothing funny about Tim Neesham's routine...the water polo Olympian's psyching out his opposition with a jumping jive.

Tony says “it turns into a competitive nature and they want to win, and that's just how it is, yeah, were gonna kill em” Not if labor Pollies Ben Wyatt, and Judy Edwards have anything to do with it. They're getting extra practice pairing up on the dance floor...even in the hallowed halls of parliament. Judy and Ben says “I've actually been caught in the corridor...cha chaing yes, this morning, security caught me, it was so embarrassing”

With less than two weeks to go...the commiss's partner Kerry's cracking the whip. “The trouble is I'm not used to taking orders...that's right...and she's bossy, I've seen her in action. Very very bossy indeed” Finding passions not a problem for the stars...but until the big night, they're playing their cards close to their chest.

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