Study Tips

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Siza Chami says “a lot of kids think studying means you have to sit there for three hours studying every bit of information you have to and that's it, it's not about that” Nathan says “first tip, get a comfortable chair”

It's a TEE ritual. Leave the study till the last minute...then cram. Nathan and Nat says “Oh I recall studying ever so hard and just trying to make a difference in the filthy liar” In a couple of months, 14 000 students will be in the hot seat. After 12 years of school, they'll sit the most important exam of their lives.

Dr Robin Warren says “I didn't really worry about it, I just did the work and enjoyed myself” Easier said than done if your a Nobel prize winner, but Dr Robin Warren reckons you don't need to be a brain surgeon to blitz the TEE. “I think what they need to do is work reasonably hard, keep up to date with all the work they're doing as they're doing it through the year” So to get ahead of the game, we asked several people who've been there before, to give students their top TEE study tips.

Science teacher at Kelmscott High School 'Siza Chami has coached hundreds of students through their final year. She believes with the right approach, TEE can be a breeze. “It's about trying to learn things and retain them” Now here's music to any students ears, a teacher who says you shouldn't study hours on end. “Shorten the amount of time you're studying, and do it in the peak time when your brain is ready for stimulation”

Siza suggests students study in 45 minute blocks, and there's no point pulling all nighters because you won't absorb the info anyway. Instead get up an hour earlier, or cut back on other commitments. “Minimize part time work will allow you to have some time to relax, get yourself through the ritual and try to study” and parents...don't think your getting off lightly. Siza says your support can make or break your child's chance of success. “You've got to stay on them, and you've got to keep telling them you believe in them and you believe they can do better”

So, for Siza's study guide:

  • Set up a study only zone
  • Have a study ritual and stick to it
  • Stick to 45 minute study blocks
  • Study with friends
  • and make sure your notes are correct, you don't want to study the wrong thing

Robin Warren says “you're really in trouble if you haven't got that basis from the year before when the teachers been teaching you all the different things”So to get through the TEE pain free, Dr Warren recommends students knuckle down now...”people who don't do anything and try to cram themselves for exams, that's a pain really”

When exam time comes around, Dr Warren recommends:

  • Having a good night's sleep
  • Read the questions carefully before you put anything on paper
  • and allocate enough time to answer every question

Nathan and Nat say “she's nearly a doctor! I am. You can call me Doctor if you you cant!” Nova's Nathan and Nat are known for their zany antics...but don't let that fool you, behind this comical combo are two very clever people, honest... “It's simple kids if your not good at school just go onto a reality TV show and you'll get a career just like that. I got on by natural talent; I'm actually quiet brilliant, yes.” Before Nathan found fame on Big Brother, he finished a degree in Graphic design. And while Natalie now cracks jokes for a living, she's also qualified to crack bones, as a chiropractor. “It is really hard for students these days because in our day we could just simply pass notes, but now you have to have pre paid credit to send a note on your mobile phone”

So for Nathan and Nat's tips:

  • Don't study all the time, take time out for fun
  • Don't pull an all nighter, there's no point
  • Put your study notes on tape, and listen to them at night
  • Finally, one thing on which all our tipsters agree, bombing out isn't the end of the world

Nathan and Nat's final words, “don't worry you always fall on your feet, I'm from Kalgoorlie, Natalie's from Esperance. And I'm sure that's what the Nobel Prize winner will tell you too”