Reporter: Chris Simond

It's the best kept secret the internet has to offer- Free shopping! As Brendan Yell from Shopfree Dot Com say, the sample products available on line are all the big and reliable brands from Nescafe coffee to Nivea face cream and Garnier shampoo.

Shopfree-a-holic Sophie Carney loves it! Sophie has bought face cream and cooking products and loves how you only receive information on products in your specific area of interest. And Sophie doesn't mind the fact that she's now on the company's data base either. As she says, 'it's a fair swap.'

Expert marketer Rob Belgiovane agrees stating 'its something for nothing,' and with the price of everything going through the roof these days, it's a great surprise to get a bargain and something for free! Apart from the great variety in products, there's also the chance to win great prizes from cash to home entertainment system's and even tropical holidays.

All this for, at times, doing nothing more than filling in a survey. It's a win win situation! Marketers get the chance to advertise their products and consumers get the bargains. Next time you get the chance check out one of the sites and who knows you could be the winner.

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