Twins James & Michael

Reporter: Liz Kefford

“They're adorable, they're absolutely adorable they're very engaging they've got sunny dispositions, they're responsivethey interact together they're happy to be together and they get on really well” Little James and Michael are identical twins, yet the two and a half year olds have never spent one night together under the same roof since they were born. “I would say take them they are absolutely adorable and they get on so well together I think they would become part of somebody's life”

No one can argue the twins haven't been doted on, spoilt and showered with love, but the one thing they've never had is the one couple to call mummy and daddy......but with your help that may change. “They're ready to go onto another family now, to permanent care and they're not together at the moment and I think they need to be together and grow together”

“He's absolutely beautiful and we just love him to death I'm very biased when I say this but he's just the most delightful little boy and he just brings so much love and joy into our home” Last year just 5 babies were available for adoption through anglicare in New South Wales, and its a similar story around the country, and most couples searching for a child are forced to go offshore..... Anglicares principal officer Jane West. “They've received individual focus no end of attention to their particular needs and really what their carers have done is got them into routines from day one, the carers are now saying they want to see these boys in their permanent family that's their best wish for them”

Tens of thousands of Australians spend years on adoption waiting lists in the hope of becoming parents....what's holding Michael and James back is that the pair was born with a rare condition called agenesis of the corpus callosum, or layman's terms it means messages to the brain are slower than normal.......even so they're excelling at every milestone. “Many of their needs are exactly the same as a fully functioning two and a half year old for routines of eating sleeping playing, he's like a normal little two and a half year old the only extra is that he's not walking yet but very close to iteverybody loves him in the family the laughs and giggles and antics that he does, he's loved by everyone here”

The boys were separated at birth because the extent of their condition wasn't known...some people suffering from ACC lead perfectly normal lives, whilst others need extra support like speech and physiotherapy....carers Pauline and Jennifer are being credited with their amazing progress. “We know if a Childs early experience has been good then a blueprints laid for future development and getting the best out of them is the best indication that they will be able to have meaningful lives and good relationships with their family...we've got him through all those hard times its really like having a 2 year old in the home, he's easy to look after and he sleeps all night”

What would you say to people who may be reluctant to take on special needs children? “Don't be frightened of them you just have so much love in your home when you've got them I'm lost for words they're absolutely wonderful little boys” “I think Michael and James will continue to have special needs but that's not the end of the story for these two”

Jennifer and Pauline love their charges to bits, and they're dreading the day when they have to say goodbye...but as each has spent more than 25 years as foster parents, its time now to enjoy their retirement. “We're too old to be mum and dad now, we're more like grandparents but this is what we want for him, we want him to go to normal aged parents and just have siblings...he'll go off to loving parents we hope and it makes a big difference when that happens so we'll just wait for the day”

To be eligible to adopt the babies, potential parents must meet Anglicares strict criteria, and Jane West is hoping once people see how lovely the boys are, they'll be able to live together for the very first time. “Both of them have done very very well with their carers and it's become evident to us that they could be placed together very very well with the right family”

Whilst the carers are sad the babies are going, both are excited that they'll bring so much happiness to another family. “I just want parents for both of them together and this is just what I want, so I have to put my own feelings aside because it's the happiest time in their lives for some people when they pick up their little children or baby and I don't show how upset I am in front of them”


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