Low GI Diet

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

Over the years we've had countless dieting fads, all claiming to be the best. There's been the high fat, low carbohydrate diet and the no carbohydrate and high protein diet. And don't forget the milkshakes, pills and the grillers. Which one is the most effective?

Finally there's an answer. Joanna McMillan - Price, is co-researcher and nutrition scientist at the University of Sydney, where they held a world-first study to reveal the ultimate weight-loss diet. Over a 12 week period, 129 over-weight adults were tested on one of four different popular diets. The results showed that the right kinds of carbohydrates are on the return with the low GI diet the most effective. “It's essentially a return to real natural minimally processed foods. It's not fat loss at any cost we need to make sure we're doing the best for overall health and not just looking at weight”, said Joanna.

It was also noted that following a low GI diet would keep cholesterol levels down, ultimately reducing the risk of heart disease. So which foods should we keep and what's for the chop? Joanna says that following a low GI diet would mean adding food items such as legumes, natural muesli, sweet potato and fruit to the grocery list. Banned items from the list include most breakfast cereals, jasmine rice, potatoes and all white bread. Joanna believes that fad diets are exactly that and people need to re-analyse what they are eating on a daily basis. “We have to stop thinking about diets as what we do for the next 2 or 3 weeks it has to be long term. So what I feel about the low GI is it's the diet you can do it forever”.