Fat Melter

Reporter: Frank Pangallo

Melting away fat? It's no dream. The technique is called lipolysis, the latest thing in non-invasive cosmetic treatment to remove fat from both women and men.

“A new way of body contouring by painless injections using a substance called Lipostabil,” says Austrian cosmetic surgeon Dr. Franz Hazengschwandtner.

“It's injected under the skin in the fatty tissue and it works by dissolving the fat cells which are then passed out naturally as waste by the body. You can see the results within eight weeks.”

Doctor Hazengschwandtner is a world expert on the treatment that's achieving spectacular results and is now taking off in Australia.

“You can dramatically reduce fat in many parts of the body from the face to the neck, buttocks, stomach area and male breasts” he says. “In just one treatment you can lose up to four centimeters.”

That miracle “stuff” that Dr Franz is talking about is a natural substance derived from soya beans. It's been around for a while. Cardiologists use it to dissolve cholesterol and fat deposits in the arteries of the heart. Now its a hit with cosmetic surgeons and patients who don't want to go under the knife.

There are no side effects aside from some slight swelling for a few days after the injections.

Each treatment costs between $300 and $500 but Adelaide cosmetic doctor Irene Kushelew warns that it isn't the magic bullet for those with severe weight problems.

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