Skirt Man

Reporter: Andrea Burns

Scotsmen have long extolled the virtues of a bit of breeze between the knees.

Wear a kilt on a catwalk and it's still kinda butch, even if you team it with a rose and a pout

No-one accuses Mel Gibson Or Robin Williams of being... well, fruity.

So why is an Englishman in a manskirt so unusual? Steven Secker says “I don't think it's peculiar, I think it's something we should all be allowing ourselves to do or having the choice to do”

It's a choice Steven Secker made when he was just thirteen. “I came from the depths of the english winter , right into the heat of an australian summer and I was just pouring off sweat so much I needed some relief from the heat so I grabbed hold of a skirt and wore it and was hooked from there”

Back then it was his sister's skirt he nicked - These days, skirts outnumber trousers in Steven's wardrobe five to one. Today it's navy drill. “A good man's skirt is made for the man's physique, this skirt which was made for me , the hips are nowhere near as wide as they would be for a woman, much straighter than for a woman , this skirt also has large pockets , cos a mans hands are a lot bigger than a womans - instead of being sown between the legs this isn't”

On Seinfeld they joked about a bra for men - a manzeir

Steven's not kidding, and says for their health, blokes shouldn't be skirting this international trend. Website "Why not skirts for men " has fellas in khaki... denim... pleats... there are combat skirts... short skirts, even a tasteful wool. “There are plenty of women who think that a man in a skirt is sexy and they get turned on by it so there is an attraction there for any guy that wants to try it. Do you think you're sexy in your skirt? Oh yes”

Steven also reckons the hunks in home and away should hop on board, “if a celebrity will go around wearing skirts, then other people will follow suit” Will they?

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