Izzy's anorexia battle

REPORTER: David Richardson

Sixteen-year-old anorexia sufferer Isobell requires treatment at a specialist clinic in Sweden and thanks to a Today Tonight viewer it will be made possible.

For Sue Moore, this good samaritan's kindness came like a bolt out of the blue and without the help she could never have afforded a second chance of life for her daughter Isobell.

Izzy, as her friends call her, has anorexia and needs treatment overseas at a special clinic in Sweden.

For four years Izzy has been starving herself to death and after continuous exercise it led her to a tiny frame.

"I just feel that I need to lose more weight then everything will be better," Izzy said.

Today Tonight and her home town of Cairns rallied to raise the money Izzy needed for overseas help but it still was not enough until some contact our program.

"The person contacted your show and asked permission to contact me and of course I gave that permission and in just one telephone conversation I thought this is really going to happen," Sue said.

"He offered the first retain, we need three retainers of $40,000."

Now a mother and daughter who have never before left Cairns are on their way to the Karolinksa Institute, where doctors in Stockholm have made radical inroads against anorexia.

Unlike Australia, anorexia is not treated as a psychological disorder but a physical problem.

"Their idea is that through constant starvation all that other mental stuff comes from that," Sue said.

It will be a long fight for Izzy and they need to raise a further $80,000.

Donations can be made to any Commonwealth Bank.

Isobelle Willacy Fund
BSB: 064 804
Account No: 000 922 36