Reporter: Graeme Butler

Aren't mum and dad going to be thrilled - chances are it's their car being used to do burn outs...

Brett says “I've actually sent a piece of video to the police and the local Rockingham council”

Brett Campany has had an enough of hoons tearing up and down the road behind his house day and night- he decided to catch some of them in the act. “You get P platers coming out testing their cars doing speed trials the burnt out the donuts trail bike riders hacking up and down the street unlicensed trail bikes”

The hoons have taken a liking to a straight stretch of road in an isolated industrial area in Port Kennedy... trouble is at the end of the road are the back yards of houses - behind these fences kids play.

We took the vision to police to see what they had to say -

Sargeant Steve Sloan from the Fremantle district office says police will be checking the video closely to try and identify the vehicles involved. “with an area like this one here you see on the video once we become aware of it we'll go down there and we'll target it and we'll put a stop to it“

It's not only cars doing burn outs - motorbikes are tearing up and down as well - this one riding on one wheel is an unlicensed trail bike.“That constitutes your reckless driving and if we were to come across that person we would charge them and also that bike is unregistered so it shouldn't be on the road”

The road being used as a drag strip is under the control of the City of Rockingham, mayor Barry Sammels says hoons have been a problem in other areas of the district but this was the first time he'd become aware of the hoons on this road. “The thing is with this one the road is so isolated in a light industrial area it makes it very easy for them to get away I'd much rather they be going to the motorplex up the road to be doing this sort of think than doing it out on our roads digging up our roads and causing problems for our residents”

The road was only sealed a few months ago ... the tyre marks give you a pretty good idea of how it's been used ever since. The Mayor says one solution is to close the road. “We may look at closing that road off until such time as these blocks started to develop and put in some barricading maybe that would be temporary”

And the hoons cars could be temporary as well - under the anti-hoon legislation police can seize the vehicle - something they've already done hundreds of times since the law was introduced 18 months ago

Sargeant Steve Sloan says “State-wide there's been some 580 vehicles seized across the state and in this district alone up until today there's 69 vehicles have been seized so that's 69 vehicles have been seized so that 69 drivers”

Brett Campany says he wants these idiots car's seized - before they or someone else gets hurt. “I don't want it don't like it and I think it's about time the police or the council started looking at some of the safety issues around here”