01 Feb 2006, 05:35:14 PM

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

A precious keepsake... a sign of a Mother's love... these pendant necklaces were meant to be a beautiful legacy. only, the Mum who paid to have them made, never picked them up.

Carla says"she completely paid the items off, and she said to me can we get them valued, I said absolutely, the valuations took a week, so I said I'll see you in a week's time, and she didn't return."

It's a two year old mystery... one shop assistant Carla Nikoloski has moved mountains to solve... trying to track down a customer she knew only, as Mrs Ream. She said "she was a lovely lady she was the same height as me had bobbed strawberry blonde hair and she wore glasses"

Could she have just forgotten? Carla believes someone out there must know of Mrs Ream. One thing Carla knows - there's three sisters with no idea of their mum's precious gift. "I would love the girls to end up with the pendents, for them to get to their final destination"

Bruno Notaro the jeweller says "it plays on my mind cause a they're nice pieces and I'd like em to go the people to have them, and put closure to it." It breaks Bruno Notaro's heart to keep the jewellery he created, locked away in a safe.

Mrs Ream fell in love with every piece. But Bruno suspects she knew exactly which pendant each of her girls would chose. The pendants are worth ten thousand dollars. it took Mrs Ream five years to pay the jewels off, the pensioner would pop in with a few hundred dollars here and there, whenever she could afford it.

Bruno says "she struggled hard and got to this level and it's finished, and I think it should go all the way." Although Mrs Ream never really let on, Bruno and Carla knew she was very unwell. Carla's cligging to the hope she'll see Mrs Ream again, she'd dearly love her to walk through the door.

Carla says "it's emotional cause we've known her for so long and we've known the story behind it...can we stop?" Clearly Mrs Ream was more than just a customer. Carla and Bruno carry a soft spot for the lady who loved her daughters so much. which is why they'll never put the pendants up for sale. Bruno says they "were made for special people and I don't think I could just put them in the window"

No matter how long it takes, they've vowed to find the sisters who should have these creations round their necks, close to their hearts.

Bruno says "somethings happened and we don't know about it, if this is your mother, she has left you a lovely legacy"