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Your Money and Consumer Reports

Arthritis Treatment
The new treatment that is having incredible results in treating arthritis. Three million Australians suffer from it, and the most common form can now be tackled effectively.
Unsafe Cosmetics
The new range of dangerous chemicals being used in shampoos, makeup, deodorants...infact in hundreds of top selling products.
Weight loss Powder
The weight-loss drink devised by an Australian chemist that is having incredible results.
Toothbrush Tests
Most of us clean our teeth at least twice a day.. and you'd hope your toothbrush is doing the best job possible. So, with the growing choice of electric and conventional toothbrushes on the market.. how do you know which one will give you the "cleanest" teeth? Well, "Choice" has done the legwork to find out.
Pain Control
Ask any person who suffers chronic pain will tell you it's unrelenting.. a savage daily pain thousands are forced to live with. But now there's a new clever technique that'll help control the pain.. and give sufferers a normal life in just three weeks. Susan Coubour reports on this life changing program.
Healthy Bread
The wonder bread that's making a comeback and helping many people shed those unwanted kilos. It's called Spelt Bread and it's producing dramatic health benefits for the tens of thousands who are switching to it.
Diet Street Finale
The surprise results from our Diet Street challenge grand final. For six months, eleven households have been putting every major weight-loss scheme to the test. So, what really works best?
Fruit Juice Secrets
The latest labelling lies and shock sugar findings. Our special consumer investigation reveals which juices are doing your family more harm than good and why so many people are risking their health by ditching real fruit for juices.
Generic Medicine
The difference in price between the big name brands and the generics has never been greater. But are the drugs substantially different? And why do doctors fail to inform you of the money saving choices.
Miracle Honey
Perth doctors have proved what many of us have long believed...that the healing power of honey is no mere wives tale. But they are not asking patients to eat it, rather put it on everything from leg ulcers to surgical wounds.