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Your Money and Consumer Reports

Cranio Facial
Cranio Facial surgery requires "incredible" skill.* Luckily, "Australian" surgeons lead the world.. performing miracle after miracle,* transforming "deformed" faces into pictures of beauty.*
Cancer Suburbs
The cancer study that reveals which suburbs and towns have the highest rates of cancer in the state.
Toxic Scare
the new "toxic" threat to your family's health.* The danger comes from a "common" chemical that's found its way into almost everything..* "food", our "homes", even in schools.* But there's fears australia's health bosses are "ignoring" the warnings.
Marriage Fat
A study by the University of WA proves what many couples already know...that wedded bliss stacks on the kilos, for both men and women, especially if you're under thirty.
Wouldn't we all love to turn back the clock, reverse the ageing the process. Well, medical science can't quite do that just yet, but they can slow it down.
Sea Cucumber
A growing number of patients are convinced that a little-known food supplement is giving them fresh hope for the future. The supplelment is now the subject of intense university trials.
Child Safety
How safe are our children? From internet predators to strangers on the street, thesedays it seems kids are more vulnerable than ever. So what can you do to protect your kids?
Jon's Weight Loss Story
Three years ago Jon Abrams weighed one-hundred and eighty kilos. Today he's almost unrecognisable at just eighty-three kilos. He did it with no surgery, no pills, no pre-prepared food. Jon says his weight-loss was a genuine case of mind over matter, where he simply concentrated on thinking himself thin.
Low-Carb Revolution
A diet revolution that has six million Australians hooked. With more and more people counting the carbs in the hope of losing the kilos. But are the ever increasing number of low-carb products actually healthier or is it simply a case of clever marketing?