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Your Money and Consumer Reports

Juice Bars
With more than 250 juice bars across Australia, fresh fruit is big business. A popular part of these drinks are the herbal supplements. However new research shows these so-called pick-me-ups are not only useless, but can be dangerous.
Weightloss Pill
An Australian scientific team believes it may have finally discovered the magic bullet of weight loss. It's a new tablet that kickstarts the metabolism. And in a clinical trial of 300 obese people, scientists say it tripled the effect of regular dieting.
Slim Patch
The Slim Patch is the latest diet fad. The manufacturers say it will supress your appetite and shed the kilos.
The Laugh Club
Laughter is said to be the world's best medicine but it could also be best work practice. Whether it's dealing with deadlines, pushy bosses, or cranky customers, employees are using humour to get through the day.
Pool Chemicals
The common chemicals that can kill. While most of us know that we have to keep poisons and medicines out of reach of children, a Perth woman has found even the experts can be fooled when it comes to pool chemicals.
4321 Weightloss
A month ago we introduced you to the weightloss juice 4321. A mixture of herbs that has been credited with increasing metabolism and helping people shed unwanted kilos in 10 days. We checked in with a number of people who have put it to the test...with remarkable results.
Leisa's Secret
Lisa St Ledger had a promising future in the police service; but she threw it all in to follow a dream. Like many Australians, Lisa wanted to run her own business. What she discovered has become a booming weight loss empire.
China Cancer
For most people, being told you had inoperable cancer would drop you to your knees. But not Liz Stephens. The Bassendean retiree put her faith, and her life, in the hands of an experimental treatment in China. She also put-in almost twenty-five "thousand" dollars.*
School Diseases
The infectious diseases spreading through classrooms, making children sick.
Cholesterol Memory
Australia's top selling cholesterol drugs causing memory loss. The hidden dangers have been exposed by NASA'S top doctor.