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Your Money and Consumer Reports

Lung Cancer
The extraordinary case of a Perth mum who is facing the battle of her life - a battle she'll most likely lose.
Flu Warning
Health authorities say a new strain of flu will reach Australia from New Zealand soon. But experts predict a global flu pandemic may be on the way.
Smell Diet
Half the battle of losing weight is curbing your appetite. Scientists believe they may have found an answer to that dilema with a unique way of fooling your brain into thinking that you're full or you're simply not hungry.
Medicine for the hip pocket
A survey has found huge differences in the price of pharmaceuticals between different stores. Today Tonight looked at the difference, and how to save.
Ice Cream
Just about everyone loves ice cream, and although it's less than ideal for our waistlines it may not be as bad as we think.
Sushi Safety
One-third of sushi samples tested were found to contain dangerous bacteria. Here is some helpful information for making and eating safer sushi.
School Boy Suicide
The tragic death of a 15 year old school boy. His mother says she didn't know about Jake's problems at school, nobody ever told her. The next thing she knew, Jake was dead.
So many Australians suffer from allergic reactions to one thing or another. However, there is new hope, and some are even prepared to call it a cure.
If you suffer from migraines you're not alone. Millions of Australians are in the same boat. Many sufferers simply have to put up with the excruciating headaches, because conventional treatments have little effect. We researched some alternatives.
Baby Death
Mandy Vizzer is a remarkable young Perth mum. Just four months ago, Mandy and her husband Jason lost their youngest child in awful circumstances. Mandy fell asleep with her newborn, and he suffocated.