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Family Health and Your Money

Digital Cameras
The latest craze in photography is the digital camera and it seems everybody wants to get one, but the question is which one should you be going for?
Best BBQ'S
Barbecues are as Australian as the Hills Hoist and the Victa mower. It's hard to imagine there not being one in every backyard.
Shop Smart
Since it's launch last week, Australia's newest loyalty scheme, Maximum Awards has been inundated. So far, people have signed on and points have been earned.
Big Bras
For a long time, being blessed with a generous bust has meant being cursed when it comes to finding a bra that fits.
Every year 5 billion dollars ring through the tills at W.A. supermarkets, with each family spending an average of $140 dollars on groceries each week.
Nappy Tests
Heath, Cody and Curtis Boyle are adorable identical triplets who in their first three years of life will use an estimated 16,380 disposable nappies.
Kids Parties
Forget the sports car and holiday home; it seems children's birthday parties are the next status symbol. We're not talking 21st here – we're talking big parties for little tykes
Kitchen Tool Tests
They're the tools of the trade that can make or break that special dinner party.
Russell Bauer is the kind of guy who will never lose his car keys, nor forget a name as this school teacher from Kingaroy is a Memory Master.
Cleaning Products
No one likes to do it but it just has to be done. Cleaning-it's time-consuming and back-breaking, but it doesn't have to be.