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Family Health and Your Money

Motorists urged to go nitro
Australian motorists are being encouraged to replace the air in their tyres with nitrogen, potentially saving them hundreds of dollars each year in greater fuel economy and reduced tyre wear.
Imagine not paying a single cent to run your car.... unlikely! Stranger still, imagine rolling up to your local Fish and Chip shop to fill up the tank... well that's exactly what Tony Clark does.
NIDA is famous. The Aussie acting academy has produced some of our finest actors. Now the pressure is on these four graduates who are desperately seeking the same spotlight.
Removal Shonk
Acott Removals, an Adelaide removalist who's truck is like the Bermuda Triangle. Other people's prized belongings go into it, but quite often they never come out.
Mytek is a new service especially designed to help those of us with home computers trouble shoot when our hardware hits the skids.
Ethanol Mowers
The motor mower is a great Aussie icon. But now, they are packing it in by the hundreds, blowing their last belch of blue smoke because what is in the fuel tanks simply shouldn't be there.
Christmas Consumer Rights
"When they wouldn't give me a refund what was I supposed to do with the goods, I couldn't just give it to someone else," says mother of three, Leanne Conway.
Washing Machines
Washing machine technology has come a long way. In the past few years it's advanced in leaps and bounds. The latest features will save you heaps of money, time, energy and water.
Jewellery Auctions
Diamonds are forever, and so is the big hole in your pocket if you dare to pay full price for a sparkling solitaire. Good jewellery isn't cheap, but with Today Tonight's discovery you'll always pay the bare minimum. All it takes is the wink on an eye, a pen tap or even just a nod.
For the handyman or woman, it's often a fine line between a labour of love and disaster in the making... and it could be that the tools of the trade are letting you down.