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Family Health and Your Money

It's become a cut-price bonanza as department stores take on hardware chains in the booming business of homewares. So do the promises match the prices? and where should you be spending your money?
When you buy cosmetics how often do you read the labels? And would you know what to look for? well, Paula Begoun a women renowned as the world's formemost cosmetic expert goes into the stores to break down the confusion and determine, is expensive best? Here's the results.
Kitchen Tests
Kitchen appliances - some get used many times a day, Others can just sit in the cupboard and collect dust. How can you be sure you're getting the best deal? A team of cooking experts put some common utensils and appliances to the test so you can find out what's best for efficiency and value for money.
When it comes to our daily bread, Australians eat 44 kilos each every year and there is now so much choice it is hard to sort the good, from the bad, from the ugly.
Carpet Tests
Every year Australians spend millions of dollars on products that promise to keep their carpets clean. Accidental spills can quickly turn expensive carpet into an embarrassment. So which carpet stain removers do the best job?
There's nothing more aussie than the meat pie and these days there are dozens of brands to choose from, from the upmarket pies to the family favourites in the supermarket. But what goes into those pies? And how much meat is in between the pastry?
12 year old Neil Moore does need special care at school, but today his angry family is demanding to know why he's being locked in a cage, for more than an hour at a time? Grandmother Sheila says she had no idea Neil was being treated this way, until she turned up at the school one day..
Doug Mitchell runs 4 home improvement companies, but now customers are wondering if the only thing improving is his bank balance. They say they've paid money, but the job doesn't get done. Mr Mitchell claims he's not crooked, just stupid.
Carol Walsh and her husband Rob sadly couldn't have children so they went to extraordinary lengths to fulfill a dream of having a family of their own. Now, this remarkable woman has over 90 kids in her care - one of the few people in the country to set up her own aid sponsership program for orphans.
Fresh from the controversy over his business name, mobile phone king 'Mad Ron' is giving away a $250,000 franchise to a lucky 'TODAY TONIGHT' viewer. Do you have what it takes?