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Family Health and Your Money

Lazy Teenagers
Teenagers are lazier than ever. When it comes to helping out with household chores many of them make next to no effort. But there are basic steps parents can follow to turn things around.
Nappy Tests
In Australia 800 million nappies are sold each year, so how do they compare when it comes to costs and features? Today Tonight has the results.
As winter creeps in staying warm at home becomes a priority. Today Tonight has done. How do you get value for money, when there are so many different types of heaters on the market? And which heater is right for your home? Today Tonight has done special scientific tests to give you a guide on what to buy and what to stay clear of.
Youth Pregnancy Help
Parenthood's a steep learning curve for the best of us. But imagine trying to do it when you're just a teenager yourself. Now, young Perth mums are being given a unique head start. A course, teaching them life lessons, as well as parenting skills.
Queer Eye for the School Ball
If you're in High School, there's no bigger night than the school ball. Picking the right outfit, choosing the right hairdo, the make-up, the limo...it's all very complicated. Today Tonight enlisted three of Perth's fashion gurus to weave their magic with the kids at Warwick High School.
Restaurant Rules
Fans of the program would've had their hearts in their mouths last weekend, as Perth couple Ash and Amanda beat Brisbane to keep their restaurant open. The competition's certainly fierce, but right behind the pair, a secret weapon - their mums. And, they're not the only big secrets in Ash and Amanda's lives at the moment....
Food Cents
Most parents would agree that taking their children to the supermarket can be a nightmare. Well now kids are learning a few home truths about the real cost of food.
Supermarket Survey
So you think you're pay packet isn't stretching as far these - well you'd be right! Today Tonight bought the same trolley of groceries that we've purchased over the past seven years and the results will shock you.
The psychic industry in Australia is largely unregulated and riddled with pretenders. For the first time ever in Australia we put the countries greatest psychics to an extraordinary scientific test, to determine if they really can talk to the dead.
Mature Age Workers Scheme
New hope for maure age workers. The Perth plan providing a second chance, and proving that age is not a problem.