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Family Health and Your Money

Fuel Tips
The price of petrol keeps going up and down like a yo-yo, so it's always important to keep an eye on the cost of fuel. Apart from paying less for petrol, how else can you save on juice? The RAC has provided several very handy hints, which could save some drivers up to a thousand dollars a year.
Chain Letters
Pocket Rocket Car Bargains
New cars have never been more affordable and this year Australians have been buying them in record numbers. As our Pocket Rocket bargain hunter reveals, there's now a way that is guaranteed to slash even more off the cost new models.
Aussie Inventors
Aussie inventors just seem to come up with the most amazing gadgets. We met three of them who are the cream of the crop, taking the world by storm. A possible baldness cure, best bras, and the best tools.
Eggs Test
Eggs.. there are so many to choose from, but is there "really" any difference? From free-range, to Omega-three, and high protein.. the list goes on. But what's "really" in them?.. Adene Cassidy reports, which ones are "healthiest", and which ones offer "better" value.
Crash Tests
Australians love their cars, particularly new ones. We buy them on looks, efficiency, and above all safety. Today Tonight has the results of the most comprehensive crash tests ever. Using the latest technology, our leading motoring bodies have compared the most popular cars to find out how safe they really are.
High-Tech Pillows
If you suffer from neck and back pain, it could be your pillow. The latest high-tech pillows promise to fix a range of problems from sore necks to snoring.
Bargain Hunter
Yvonne Keane loves a bargain. Infact she knows how to save thousands of dollars on virtually every household item. She can track down a price you just won't believe. So how does she do it?
A handbag is more than just something to hold a wallet and keys, it's the finishing touch to any fashion statement. But how much should this simple accessory cost? And can you even pick the difference between expensive, and cheap?
Seniors Card
More than two hundred thousand people in WA aged over sixty, have a Seniors Card. To mark the release of the latest directory, Today Tonight show you just what it can buy, with a little imagination.