17 Nov 2004, 02:23:06 PM

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Some of the world's finest underwear, peddled by some of Australia's biggest names

Elle McPherson started the ball rolling, and the cash started rolling too.

Next thing we knew everybody had knickers or a bra to sell.

So they're all pretty dishy...but how do they stack up against each other for value and fit?

Vanessa Henderson from Perth Woman Magazine compared the underwear across a variety of sizes - from the slinky size 8's to a more comfy 14.

“Kylie's range is ultra sexy and very flirty, more for the size 8 - 10, I wouldn't recommend it for the larger woman,” Vanessa said.

The Love Kylie number we bought cost $54.95 for the bra, available in sizes 10B to 14D. The V was a pricy $24.95 in sizes 8 to 14.

“Kylie's price point is middle of the range,” Vanessa said.

“They're very detailed, lots of ribbons, bows and mesh and do require a great deal of care.

“If you're looking for something more practical, Elle's range is fantastic.

“She uses a lot of high-tech fabrics which make it extremely functional and her range is extremely elegant.”

We paid a little more for our Elle set. The bra was $59.95, available in a 10A to 14C and the boy shorts were $39.95 from a small size through to extra large.

“You do pay for quality with Elle's range and it's designed for the woman who does have a little extra disposable income,” Vanessa said.

“However Delta's range has been designed for every woman, not just women with a body to die for. It's functional, it looks sexy and it's got a fantastic price point.”

Right down the bottom of the scale, we only paid $22.99 for this Delta bra, available from a 10 B to a 16DD and the boy shorts were a mere $9.99 in sizes small to extra large.

“My pick out of the three underwear queens would be Delta,” Vanessa said.

“Her range is fantastic. It's stylish, good quality and affordable.”

Now women go to an awful lot of effort, sometimes we get it right.

And oops, sometimes we get it wrong.

So how do we choose underwear that's most flattering?

Vanessa says that for the smaller busted woman the latest Waterbra from Bra's N Things works miracles.

Even the bigger busted women can find sexy lingerie; it's just a matter of shopping around. But Vanessa warns that back support is a must for the bigger busted woman so it's important that you get properly fitted.

And sexy isn't just for the slender; Vanessa says it's just a matter of selecting properly for your shape.

“For those 12-14s out there don't go for the G-string or anything that's going to cut in creating a visible panty-line,” Vanessa said.

“And stay away from anything that isn't going to provide support.

“Instead ladies opt for the boy short that's seamless at the back. You're not going to get the panty-line and you will draw the eye away from problem areas up to your cleavage.”

Elisabeth Mandic, corsetiere from Four Seasons says choosing a bra shouldn't just be about fashion.

“Ideally you should be fitted the very first time you need a bra,” she said

Elisabeth says there are some important issues to consider.

Ensure the breasts fit securely in the cups. Any underwire should fit snugly on the diaphragm and should extend across the whole length of the breast. The straps should be central so that the weight is taken from the centre, and the supporting back strap should sit firm and low.

So with these tips who says you need to be a supermodel to look fantastic in your lingerie

The Kylie and Delta range are available from such stores as BNT and Myers. Delta is exclusive to Kmart.

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