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Family Health and Your Money

Family Study
2005 Stars
What will 2005 bring for you? We asked Perth astrologer Tracey Godfrey for her predictions according to the stars
Land Giveaway
Battling rural communities all over Australia are chasing a bold plan to entice city folks back to the bush. On the heels of WA councils, three communities in Victoria have teamed-up to offer great deals in real estate.
Bird Smuggling
Missing Twin
A Perth grandmother's search for her missing twin. Jennifer Allis believes she has a double who could even share her name. But it's unlikely the person knows anything about the strange circumstances that led to their seperation.
Hot tips for this summer's sexiest new looks
Ugg Boots
Love them or hate them, ugg boots won't go away. now, it's become a battle of which ones to wear, since the australian made icons were taken-on by the american invaders. tonight, we put ugg boots to the test to see which ones really are best, we compare the cheap and the expensive, and the foreign versus the locals.
Bottled Water
A special investigation into australia's "top" selling "bottled" waters.. and what you're drinking is "not" always what's written on the label.* We reveal which of the most "popular" brands contain a "toxic" metal, sometimes linked to "health" disorders.*
Weight Loss Juice
It's believed to be the world's "most" popular weightloss treatment.. even before its release in Australia, it's generated "incredible" excitement.* The product claims to shed the kilos "fast".. along with "cleansing", purifying, and "toning" the body.*
Pet Owner Rights
Families love their pets, and naturally when they fall sick we place our trust in the local vet. But in some cases that trust is misplaced, with shocking examples of overcharging and medical mistakes. So what are your rights if something goes wrong?