23 May 2005, 03:04:06 PM

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Perth parents say their teenagers' manners are so bad they can't take them

out in public. But Perth has its very own Super Nanny who says she can tame

any teenager in just one day.

We decided to take a group of teens out for a meal and put etiquette expert,

Natalia Josephs, to the test.

Natalia, an ex finishing school mistress, takes the teenagers through

etiquette lessons, changing things from the way they walk to the way they

talk and eat. And, believe it or not, her methods work.

One week on, and the mums say their children are still demonstrating good

manners. Teresa says her son, 14 year old Sean, used to shovel his food in

and grunt but now he's actually talking. The girls' mums say they're back

to a few of the old tricks, but Natalia says you can only expect subtle

changes to start with.

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