Phone Bills

Hundreds of mobile phone customers are finding mysterious additional charges, fees banned in America, are now turning-up on bills here.

Telstra Statement

Statement attributable to a Telstra spokesperson:

Charges marked as Third Party Purchases on a Telstra post-paid mobile bill are for premium mobile services like ringtones, games and entering competitions. Third Party Purchases are provided to Telstra customers by a third-party Service Provider. Customers opt in to these services via the internet or an app.

While Telstra doesn't market or develop these services, we allow these services to appear on our mobile bills to provide our customers the opportunity of having all mobile related costs on a single bill. This is an industry practice. There are a number of consumer safeguards so that third party providers follow mandatory policies and industry rules around upfront advertising, promotion, pricing, opt out and confirmation of purchase.

We engage an independent monitoring service to ensure compliance of these policies and guidelines and to protect our customers. Telstra also provides customers with options to manage third-party charges on their bill. Customers can contact us to cancel an existing subscription service, bar premium mobile services on their account and restrict future access. On occasion, Telstra provides a full refund to customers when they did not knowingly approve the third-party content charges.

We acknowledge the advice our staff have given our customers on this topic has not always been consistent. We continue to train our staff to help our customers manage these services.