PayPal Statement

Hi Today Tonight,

Thanks for your enquiry regarding Sunday Soldiers.

PayPal is committed to using our technology and reach to build a network for good. In our last reported financial year, 75 million individual payments were processed for charities via PayPal with 38.7 million people using PayPal to make donations globally.

In 2016 PayPal reported 11 percent growth in charitable giving representing a total of US $7.3 billion processed for charities annually by PayPal.
While we 're passionate about giving people easy ways to support causes and providing tools for charities to boost their fundraising, we're also passionate about safety, security and compliance.
At PayPal we pride ourselves on operating our business in accordance with all applicable lawsand regulations -including those outlined by the United States Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).

Often these regulations prohibit transactions with countries considered high-risk and mention of such countries in transactions can trigger an automatic check to ensure funds are being used for their stated purpose.
Our passion for protecting consumers comes with a high level of due diligence. Compliance with the relevant laws and regulations means that when a potential security risk is
identified, PayPal requires specific documentation to verify the merchant involved is a reputable business or charity.
In the case of Sunday Soldiers, transactions were flagged as part of OFAC compliance and payments were temporarily blocked while we conducted a review.
Following the review, PayPal is now processing payments for Sunday Soldiers.
We are also donating AU$7,000 to be shared between the charities involved- 'White Helmets' and 'Pre-emptive Love Coalition'