Budget shopping

Plastic is the currency of choice for most modern families, but it can lead to over- spending. Since going back to cash only, Perth mother of two Tanya Bus-fee says she saves around a hundred dollars a week.

Financial advisor Louise Davies says using plastic might seem easier but it's a trap. According to Louise it's all down to psychology, if we don't see the money we spend more at the checkout.

Louise put Tanya on cash only diet, she's ditched the cards and withdraws money at the start of the week puts it into categories and once it's spent, that's it.

Tanya says she's saved around $100 a week - which is going towards a holiday, the first in years.

According to a report by Westpac bank more than half of all payments made here in Australia are now done with a card or even a smartphone and most Australians expect we'll become a cashless society within 6 years.

Even spending on our basic needs like food can be tweaked; Nutritionist Julie Meek believes there's still lots of ways to save money

Planning the weekly meals in advance is something Julie says she has done for years by incorporating what's already in the fridge, buying what's on special and in-season can make a huge difference.

Julie says spending around 20 minutes planning meals can also save time on preparing and cooking and prevent extra spending on takeaway food too.

You can find more info on how to save money by using cash by heading to this website http://www.evolvewm.com.au/