Vince Garreffa

He's Perth's own --celebrity butcher --Vince Garreffa. Always loud, cheerful, and always ready with a cheeky joke.

But Behind the bottom line -- another story.

One that brings more tears than laughs, "I had a near-death experience at one stage where I thought I was dying--and I suddenly changed after that."

It became a multi-million dollar change, Sparked by Graham Maybury's Nightline.

On radio Nightline --Vince talked about his meat recipes. Listeners talked about suicide.

Every year --for some 26 years the Vince Garreffa / Graham Maybury charity partnership raises hundreds of thousands of dollars at their annual Mondo Community Warriors brunch in Vince and Anne's backyard.

Now - Vince is taking his personal crusade -- to an even wider audience. A tell-all book beginning with impoverished roots in Italy, to becoming Perth's most innovative butcher.

All proceeds from Vince's new venture will go to the charities like LIFELINE.

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