Mother in Law

Nicola Milan and her Mother Judy have worked together to pen Monster In-Law a tongue in cheek look at the different relationships between mother and daughter in laws.

The book identifies seven different kinds of mother in laws or MILS.

First cab off the rank is the needy mother in law.

"He doesn't like to be alone; she likes to have you round there, doing things for her so your life becomes inexplicably meshed with hers."

Next is the busy body.

"The busy body mother in law and she's the nosy one likes to live vicariously through you."

At number three is the enemy Mother in law.

"She just doesn't like you no she just hates you not a lot you can do she's never going to be on your side she'll do everything to undermine you."

The cling on mother in law comes in at number four.

"We found that this is one that a lot of women have she's the one that doesn't want to accept the fact that her baby boy has grown up and she doesn't want to accept the fact that you are now the woman in his life."

Then there's the mother in law who just wants grand kids.

Then there's the super woman mother in law.

"She's actually quite nice but she's just better at you at everything, she just makes you feel like a bit of a failure."

And finally the Narcissist mother in law.

Monster in Law - A Survival Guide"

Where to buy the book:

EBook on Milan's Mischief website

Hardcopy on Amazon website