Don't Rent Me

Shonky landlords and property managers, be warned. A website is now naming and shaming, "Don't Rent Me" exposing the landlords and rental properties from hell.

"Maybe the most shocking things are around accessing the property sometimes late at night while the tenants are asleep. They let themselves in with their own key and stand over the bed. One tenant woke up to find the landlord standing over the bed which was pretty bizarre."

Don't Rent me is the brainchild of Anthony Ziebell whose outed more than 1000 properties with problems.

"Well I'd go as far as to say that 90% of people who rent properties are not satisfied with the treatment that they get by the agent of the landlord. 90%." Former real estate agent turned consumer advocate Neil Jenman believes tenants are simply getting robbed.

"I've often told people if you have something go wrong with the property and it's not fixed then don't be meek like a little lamb and keep paying the rent. Just have a rent strike. Say I'm not paying the rent until such time as you fix up this property."

Every year thousands of terrible tenants leave behind damage bills costing tens of millions of dollars, junk left behind, properties smashed and vandalised but these tenants end up on a black list.

Not so landlords, "if the tenant does the slightest thing wrong the agent and the landlord jump on them really fast but if the landlord and agent does heaps of things wrong the tenant keeps paying and paying."

So far Don't Rent Me has seen dozens of cases peacefully resolved, but tenants are still battling a system that favours the landlords.