Church Giveaway

If you're looking for the ultimate Reno rescue. This could be the answer to your prayers.

Almost a hundred years old, this weatherboard church has been a place of worship, now it's about to be reincarnated "win win situation where somebody wants it and then we can preserve the history too."

Gosnells parish priest, Father Patrick Lim says it's free to a good home- you heard right FREE.

Over the years, it's been a church, community hall and a classroom "we use it for bingo and scouts and so on so it can be used in anyway people want to."

Built in World War One it officially opened in 1919 on its original site- here on Albany Hwy, "you cannot put a value on this building I think the value is the attachment of the tradition the rich tradition that we have."

In 1979, the church was moved to the grounds of St Munchin's Primary School in Gosnells- where it's been ever since.

St Munchin's Principal, Rob Romeo says the church is like an old family friend, "where it's been and where it's come from and why its ended up here and they have also done art where they have sketched it from different angles as well." and while he'll be sad to see it go, the area is needed to make more space for their new car park.

Besides four new windows to add more light- the church has stayed in its original form, from the cast iron fans to the jarrah wood floor- plus a fully functioning kitchen. "My imagination would be some chandeliers hanging there if someone takes it away it could become a wedding chapel or a dance hall." Father Lim says while there's been a few interested buyers - as yet, no takers - now he's upped the anti - giving away the historic building for free but there is a catch, you'll need to pay for the removal. 20 metres long and 8 metres wide - it's estimated it will cost twenty thousand to re-locate. But according to Father Lim it will be worth every penny - it's not every day you get to own your own piece of heaven on earth.


Anyone interested in finding out more, contact the Gosnells parish on 08 9398 2331 or email